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Monday, April 07, 2003

They tried to censor me but the voice of proletarian truth and justice can never be silenced.

First of all comrades, let me say that I for one will not be shedding any tears over the demise of Sectarian Worker. It is true that it was my column that prompted the factional battle that ultimately led to the liquidation of the paper but any suggestion that I am ultimately responsible for the in-fighting that followed is simply witchunting, the kind of which Vyshinsky, would be proud.

In fact I had only agreed to be associated (in a conditional sense) with that neo-Stalinist rag, safe in the knowledge that I would be in a position to win over the best elements and draw them towards a genuinely revolutionary publication. The minority faction’s behaviour isolated the most rabid opponents of worker’s democracy, while the failure of the majority faction revealed them to be ultimately trapped in a centrist position, incapable of reacting to the changed circumstances, due to their lack of a real understanding of dialectics. My strategic engagement was, therefore, an utter triumph.

Anyone who has read even the pathetic SWP-endorsed Bookmarks version of the ABC of Marxism would know that theses v antitheses = synthesis, right? I am therefore the synthesis, or rather this weblog, is the dialectical result of the internal contradictions within Sectarian Worker. (Email me if you are a working class type who doesn’t understand this high philosophy)

What excites me the most is that this weblog is born at a historic moment. A moment I believe that marks a turning point in the history of the anti-orthodox, non-Cliffite, Trotskyist left. We are living in an epoch when imperialism is rampaging across the globe in a desperate attempt to grab every last drop of surplus value – spending millions to destroy Saddam’s half-baked sub-social democratic version of Bonapartism. Yet at the same time a global movement of opposition has emerged, uniting workers and students, Christians and Muslims, men and women and children as well as pets. It is a movement that has enormous potential. It could be the very movement of global revolution that Trotsky predicted would emerge after the collapse of Stalinism in Russia. There is a new dawn, a red dawn. The chains of oppression are being stretched to breaking point from Florida to Islington. We could be on the edge of a moment of truly historic significance – from a historical point of view.

But what this movement clearly lacks is ideology. Trapped within the limits of orthodox Trotskyism, third-campism, revisionism, Stalinism and its Healyite ugly sister, testicle-chopping Nepalese Maoism, the comedy of Arthur Scargill and the authoritarianism of Mark Steel, this movement is incapable of carrying out its historic destiny without the guidance of true Marxist-Leninist analysis.

That is why this weblog has been born. To arm the proletariat with a weapon that the bourgeoisie is simply incapable of defeating – my opinions.

Without my ideas the movement will not have the vision to see beyond the limits of existing dichotomies, but with this weblog we have a world to win.

Welcome then comrades, to the online journal that shook the world.

Dave cut through the lies 9:35 AM